Smart Energy Inverter

The Smart Energy Inverter combines a hybrid solar and battery inverter with SmartFlow, intelligent 
energy management software and the Smart Energy Console, an intuitive touch screen to give you 
complete energy infrastructure visibility and control. This solar power inverter intelligently utilizes 
solar, grid and battery energy and manages your loads so that you always use the cheapest source 
of energy while never being without power. 

The Smart Energy Inverter is cloud connected via built-in 3G/4G and Wifi Internet connectivity. This
allows the SmartFlow software embedded in the Smart Energy Inverter to continuously receive 
information about current and predicted grid tariff and availability and solar energy patterns. This 
also allows technical personnel in a 24/7 NOC to remotely monitor the health and fault status of all 
deployed systems and diagnose and fix any technical faults over the Internet. 

A single Smart Energy Inverter unit ranges in power output from 3 to 10 kW. Multiple Smart Energy 
Inverters can be connected in parallel to increase the total power output of a Smart Energy System. 
Up to 5 such systems can be connected in parallel to provide a total continuous power output of 50 
kW. The parallel systems remain part of a single virtual Smart Energy Inverter, providing single 
Smart Energy Console visibility over the entire bank of Smart Energy Inverters. In each parallel 
configuration there is one master and multiple slave smart energy inverter units. The master has 
Smart Energy Console, and the slaves provide the additional power.

Flexible Hybrid Solar Inverter

Specifically for countries such as Pakistan with many power issues, an OFF-grid inverter is usually used solely in rural areas where there is no stable grid available. ON-grid inverters are useful because you can net-meter with them and utilize grid power to charge your batteries in scenarios when solar is not readily available, i.e. cloudy and rainy days. SkyLED Smart Energy Systems cater to both rural and urban residents in Pakistan.

SkyLED’s Smart Energy Inverters come in a range of sizes, from single-phase 5 kW systems up to three phase 10 kW systems. All SkyLED Smart Energy inverters are hybrid-mode inverters. Some solar inverters work in ON-grid mode only and some solar inverters work in OFF-grid mode only. ON-grid inverters require a stable grid to provide power and disable solar output when the grid turns off, even if solar energy is available.

OFF-grid inverters only provide solar power in backup mode, which means you cannot utilize solar energy when the grid is on. The SkyLED hybrid solar inverter is beneficial because it provides solar power irrespective of grid status. This allows you to fully utilize your available solar energy as it delivers solar energy when the grid is on and also provides solar energy in backup-mode when the grid is off.

Smart Energy Console

The touch-screen Smart Energy Console provides you with an instant picture of the energy being produced and consumed in your home.

It also provides an up to date view of solar power
production and consumption, grid consumption and export, grid availability status, battery status and stored energy levels

The Smart Energy Inverter’s energy monitoring software allows it to calculate energy and power statistics from the level of the entire home.

The Dashboard, which is the home screen of your Smart Energy Console shows the grid, solar and battery status, along with your current home load.

The Smart Energy Inverter has energy metering capability and acts like an energy meter to record all inbound and outbound energy transactions with the main grid (e.g. using Net-Metering). The Smart Energy Inverter gets all the latest local tariff rates from the Cloud and calculates your bill using this information. The Grid Screen shows your up to minute energy bill, projected grid status (i.e. your high-low tariff times and scheduled grid outages) and whether your system is net-metering enabled or not.

On the Solar Screen, you have information about current and predicted solar status (using local weather data) and the
percentage solar energy predicted at given times through a
12 hour time frame. The dial on the left shows your current solar output as well as the total solar energy produced this month and since time of installation.

On the Battery Screen, you can see how much stored energy you have, the remaining charge and backup time left on your battery. The icons represent your battery cabinets and their capacity.

The Smart Energy Console provides daily, weekly and monthly historical graphs to show your load power consumption, battery charging and discharging, as well as grid selling and consumption, and solar production patterns down to the hour.

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