SkyLED Smartphone App

The SkyLED App allows you to stay connected to your Smart Energy System no matter where you are and gives you access to most of the functions present on the Smart Energy Console. 

The smartphone app, like your Smart Energy Console, gives you visibility on the amount of solar power produced by your system and the amount sold back to the grid. Similarly, you can see how many units of electricity you have consumed from the grid and how much it cost you by going to the billing details screen. You can also view the status of your Smart Energy Storage system and whether it is being charged, discharged or idle and how much backup time your energy storage system can provide. 

The accompanying Smart App also lets you monitor the solar energy being produced by your smart energy system (or solar panels) . The solar app is downloadable for android users.


he app also lets you call, video chat, text or email Network Operations Centre personnel in case of a problem or query. There will always be someone available to answer your calls or respond to your messages. You will also receive any alerts or notifications regarding your System on the app so you are constantly aware of what is going on.

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